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What Questions Can We Answer For You?

In order to bring a project from inception to completion—successfully—every critical step
must be covered with as much finality as possible. Every question must be answered.
With the Purdie Company, each stage is approached and completed in a way that leaves
no loose ends and no unanswered questions.


What is the Right Property?

Choosing a property to meet a desired goal requires a certain vision to be sure, but at the Purdie Company, we back that up with research, analysis and expert forecasting. In planning a residential community, factors of marketability, infrastructure and growth patterns are just a few of the myriad factors we consider. Industrial properties need easy access to major transportation as well as sufficient room to grow. When selecting retail locations, traffic flow, residential growth and area history are only a few of the important considerations we assess. We recognize that there is too much at stake to do anything less than an exhaustive study of each property.

What Do You Need To Know About It?

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A piece of land can be like an iceberg — with many secrets hidden below the surface. Our job is to take the time and energy to unearth every important fact connected to that property. During the due diligence process we delve into factors such as zoning, environmental sensitivity, land use, possible contamination, necessary remediation, even possible archeological findings. The thoroughness we demand of ourselves guarantees that you will go into the project fully informed and prepared for all eventualities.

How Can the Land Be Used?

The plans you have for a piece of land may not coincide with the county’s Future Land Use Map or FLUM. This document, required by the state, projects how a county feels it should grow and what geographic directions that growth should take. In cases where a development conflicts with the FLUM we file a proposed amendment for you. Then we go to bat at a series of public meetings followed by administrative review at the state level. It can take up to six months so patience is required. This is a process where it’s extremely helpful to have experience like ours on your side.

Zoning is another very important aspect of assuring your land project will go forward. When rezoning is necessary it is usually taken care of at a local level. It too is a process of filing for the change, attending public meetings and guiding the application through the bureaucratic maze. Usually this will take from three to six months depending on the size of the project.

How Will It Look?

The more exciting and creative portion of this entire process is the design phase. Orchestrating the combined talents of a group of highly qualified professionals, we meld your ideas and concepts into a coherent and visible document. It takes land planners, architects, civil engineers, landscape architects, environmental engineers and structural engineers to name just a few of the licensed professionals we call upon to craft the final design. Each design is a unique and living thing that will evolve and undergo many refinements before it is finalized.

How Many Permits Are Needed and How Do You Get Them?

The answer to that question is more than you have ever imagined. The number of state, county and municipal agencies that need to put their stamp of approval on a project can be mind numbing to those who aren’t experienced. During the permitting process we keep the duplicating machines busy making copies of all the detailed plans and specifications so they can be sent to every agency. This is a phase where dotting every i and crossing every t is critical. Again, patience is a virtue because it can be a lengthy process, however, it is our mission to stay on top of it throughout. Be assured you go forward armed with every approval you need.

While there is no such thing as a typical project, we’ve tried to show you the steps that can be involved. There may be simpler projects, there may be more complicated ones. We’re capable at either extreme.

Once these preliminary steps have all been completed we can fire up the heavy equipment and start bringing your project to life. An entirely new group of professionals will go into action now and the results will be exponentially more gratifying to see. This is a point at which time becomes critical and physical oversight is an absolute necessity. We make sure that when all the manpower, materials and machinery are at work, the design plan is being adhered to and neither time nor assets are being wasted.

You’re Where?

The Purdie Company is ideally situated in one of Florida’s most diverse and fast growing regions, Duval County. Since consolidation, Jacksonville comprises all of Duval County and it ranges from wide sandy beaches on the east to farm land and cattle ranches on the west. In between is the busy downtown district situated on a bend in the beautiful St. Johns River. Almost every month new building activity transforms the downtown area and after years of migration to the suburbs, new high-rise condos are turning the downtown into to an urban residential area. Over a million people make their homes in Duval County and literally hundreds move to the area ever month. In the past Jacksonville has been an industrial center in a recreational state. It has been home to paper companies, shipbuilding, chemical processing and a thriving transportation hub. Several major insurance companies are headquartered in Jacksonville, as is CSX Transportation, one of the country’s largest railroad lines. Additionally, it is a military town boasting two major Navy bases, NAS Jacksonville and Mayport. And did we mention the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars make their home here as do the AA league Jacksonville Suns baseball team

Jacksonville is such a vast area that there is still plenty of room to build. Entire communities, such as Nocatee and Julington Creek, are rising out of the ground every year. The attraction of the beaches has made Ponte Vedra one of Florida’s fastest growing upscale communities. Development is also burgeoning to the south, north and west of town as well. New industry, both white collar and blue collar has been attracted to Jacksonville by the abundant workforce and educational opportunities afforded by the public school system and the three colleges, Jacksonville University, University of North Florida and Florida Community College at Jacksonville. The ready availability of major transportation also makes the area attractive to new industry. Two major interstates intersect in Jacksonville, a bustling deepwater port handles millions of tons of cargo every year and the international airport has just completed a major expansion.

The good news is that Jacksonville is a fast growing and development friendly town, however, anyone can see that land is fast disappearing. If you are contemplating a new project, the time to call the Purdie Company is now.




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