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Our Properties

Property Disposition specializes in commercial,
residential and multi-family properties in Jacksonville,
St. Augustine, all areas of Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia.

PD1...Offering a Bright Spectrum of Investment Properties

From San Marco to St. Mary’s, from Riverside to St. Augustine, the properties of the
Company dot Northeast Florida and extend even to South Georgia.

Whatever the type of development--custom homes, multi-family units, or commercial structures—our philosophy and disciplines are the same: to strike the proper balance between what is architecturally, environmentally and aesthetically correct, and what iseconomically feasible.

The expertise we have garnered with our years of experience provides us with special capabilities for dealing with that critical distinction, and make us a unique problem solver in today’s competitive market.

If renovation of an existing home is your need, PD1 can provide complete and definitive design, construction and repairs. The result: a rebirth of your home, with a new beauty and every desired modern convenience.

Residential, for sale:
Our residential properties, viewed in the link at right, show the results of careful PD1 research and selection--all are sold!





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