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About Property Disposition

Property Disposition specializes in commercial, residential in
Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and all areas of North East Florida.

We are focusing in two areas in Jacksonville right now.


Springfield lies in the area immediately North of Downtown Jacksonville. The area was sparsely developed starting in the 1860s, but the fire of 1901 that destroyed most of the downtown area spurred a building boom that lasted until the early 1920s. Although the majority of homes built in Springfield during this period were of a vernacular style (most are 2-story with a gable or hip roof and porches are common), there are examples of influential architectural styles of the period, including Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, and the Prairie style.

In 1925, a Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance passed by the City of Jacksonville classified the entire Springfield area as "Business A." This resulted in the depreciation of residential real estate values and the eventual decline of the area. During the 1970s, Springfield Preservation and Restoration ("SPAR") was formed. The organization successfully campaigned to have the area downzoned and it became the first neighborhood to change most of its commercial zoning back to residential.

In 1986, the Historic Springfield Community Council of Jacksonville, Florida was established to enhance the quality of life through crime prevention, restoration and maintenance of parks, zoning and urban affairs, and block clean-up and management. In 1987, the entire Springfield Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Since 1998, Springfield has been undergoing steady revitalization and redevelopment. New residents are renovating these charming historic homes and looking for the excitement and feeling of community an intown neighborhood provides. The area is also establishing itself as a performing and visual arts community. Several artists have established a gallery and SPAR is actively working to program arts events, including a new "Movies on Main" program, which shows cult and family favorites in an outdoor venue.


Riverside developed as an upper middle class suburb about 3 miles from Downtown Jacksonville. Its main period of development, like Springfield, followed the 1901 Fire and lasted through the 1920s. The neighborhood is remarkable for its variety and quality of architecture, including examples of Colonial Revival, Georgian, Shingle Style, Queen Anne, Bungalow and Tudor homes. Riverside Avenue, located on the banks of the St. Johns River is especially notable for its elegant mansions. The further you travel away from Riverside Avenue, the more modest the homes become, but the entire Riverside Historic District is charming and lovely.

Avondale was originally an exclusive neighborhood adjoining Riverside, but the two communities have long since blended together. The Avondale area is characterized by gently curving roadways and pocket parks. The neighborhood is one of the most picturesque in Jacksonville and boasts the highest concentration of high-quality historic homes in the city.

Riverside Avondale benefits from a strong civic improvement organization (Riverside Avondale Preservation, Inc.) that works to insure that the neighborhood's unique qualities are protected. The group sponsors various events throughout the year, including a popular tour of homes and an arts festival.






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